Outdoor Pickleball Lessons and Classes At Boydston Pickleball Academy Will Start Back Up In March 2024. It has officially become too cold for outdoor lessons. If you have an indoor court and would like to book a lesson please text or call Coach Clayton at (302) 244-8201.

Book A Group or Private Pickleball Lesson with Coach Clayton Boydston

Boydston Academy Pickleball Lessons are held at The Boydston Family Court, 4091 Foothill Drive, Provo, UT, 84604. Use the calendar below to book a pickleball lesson with Coach Clayton Boydston

Flexible Scheduling and Competitive Pricing

We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate our students' busy lives, and our pricing structure is designed to deliver great value for every player. Please contact us for specific pricing information.

  • Private Lesson: $50 per hour
  • Semi Private Lesson (2 players): $30 per player per hour
  • Small Group Lesson (3-4 players): $25 per player per hour 

*Players are responsible for gathering their own groups*