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Clayton and Ella Boydston: The Dynamic Sibling Duo out of Boydston Pickleball Academy Ready to Conquer PPA Denver

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Clayton and Ella Boydston: The Dynamic Sibling Duo out of Boydston Pickleball Academy Ready to Conquer PPA Denver

Clayton and Ella Boydston, the dynamic pickleball duo originating from Boydston Pickleball Academy, are set to take the pro mixed doubles division by storm at the PPA Denver tournament. This exceptionally gifted pair has been tirelessly refining their skills both on and off the court, prepared to go up against the sport's best. Their unwavering dedication, insatiable passion, and the robust support from the Utah pickleball community, which is deeply connected to the Boydston Academy, have them ready to make a resounding statement in Denver.

The Roots: Boydston Pickleball Academy:

Boydston Pickleball Academy, founded by Clayton Boydston and his mother Liz, has been the crucible in which the duo's prowess has been forged. Both Clayton and Ella have benefitted from the academy's top-notch training infrastructure, honing their game under the watchful eyes of their mentors. Ella, who is not just Clayton's sister but also a top 10 Junior Female Pickleball player and a 5.0 player herself, has been an integral part of this journey, growing in tandem with the academy. The sibling duo’s achievements are a testament to the success of the Boydston Academy.

A Journey of Dedication:

Clayton and Ella Boydston's journey in pickleball, closely tied to the foundation of the Boydston Pickleball Academy, has been a testament to unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As Clayton and Liz founded and built the Academy, Ella carved out her own path to become a top 10 Junior Female Pickleball player. Their shared journey has led them to recognize the importance of hard work, discipline, and continuous improvement. Their commitment to the sport and to the Academy they represent has propelled them to new heights, laying the groundwork for their entry into the highly anticipated PPA Denver tournament.

Embracing the Challenge:

As representatives of the Boydston Pickleball Academy, Clayton and Ella Boydston are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to test their skills against some of the best players in the world at the PPA Denver tournament. The prospect of facing top-level competition is both exhilarating and motivating for this talented duo. The rigorous training at the Academy has equipped them to refine their strategy, improve their shot selection, and enhance their overall game, reflecting their relentless drive and passion for the sport.

Driving from Utah: Representing the Boydston Academy and Utah Pickleball Community:

Clayton and Ella Boydston are not only carrying their personal dreams to the PPA Denver tournament but also the hopes and aspirations of the Utah pickleball community and the Boydston Pickleball Academy. Their journey from Utah to Denver signifies the growing popularity and success of pickleball in the region, and underscores the impactful role the Academy plays in fostering talent and promoting the sport.

Preparing for Success:

In their pursuit of glory at the PPA Denver tournament, Clayton and Ella Boydston, backed by the rigorous training provided at the Boydston Pickleball Academy, have left no stone unturned. Their preparation has not only been about refining technical skills, working on footwork, and enhancing court awareness but also about physical fitness and cultivating a resilient mindset. These traits, intrinsic to the training philosophy at the Boydston Academy, ensure they are well-equipped to handle the demanding matches that lie ahead.

Support from the Boydston Academy, Family and Fans:

Behind Clayton and Ella Boydston's rise in pickleball is an unwavering support system. At the heart of this system is the Boydston family, and by extension, the Boydston Pickleball Academy, which has provided encouragement, guidance, and a solid foundation for the duo's journey. Moreover, they have garnered considerable support from the Utah pickleball community, with fans from both the Academy and the broader community eagerly awaiting their performance at the PPA Denver tournament. This support from the Academy, family, and fans has further motivated them and instilled a deep sense of responsibility to perform their best on the court.

A Bright Future:

As Clayton and Ella Boydston embark on their journey to the PPA Denver tournament, they do so with immense optimism for what lies ahead. Their dedication, hard work, and unwavering passion for pickleball have positioned them as rising stars in the sport. The opportunity to compete against top-level competition at the PPA Denver tournament will serve as a stepping stone in their journey, enabling them to further refine their skills, gain valuable experience, and continue their upward trajectory. Their success reflects the commitment and effectiveness of the Boydston Pickleball Academy in developing top-notch players.


Clayton and Ella Boydston, symbols of the Boydston Pickleball Academy's success, embody the qualities of dedicated athletes in their relentless pursuit of pickleball excellence. As they gear up for the PPA Denver tournament, they are prepared to showcase their skills, test themselves against top-level competition, and proudly represent the Boydston Academy and the Utah pickleball community. Their journey, deeply intertwined with the Boydston Pickleball Academy, stands as a testament to their commitment, hard work, and the unwavering support of their family, fans, and the Academy. Armed with passion and talent, Clayton and Ella Boydston are undeniably on track to become dominant figures in the world of pro mixed doubles pickleball.

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