Love, Laughter, and Family: The Birth Of Boydston Pickleball Academy

Boydston Pickleball Academy Story

In the brisk days of March 2020, in the bustling city of Austin, TX, an unexpected query was thrown our way by a group of missionaries, "Have you ever played pickleball?" Without missing a beat, Coach Liz replied, “No, we engage in real sports in this family.”

A bit of background would shed light on her jesting comment. Coach Liz was no stranger to the sports world. She had been a four-year starter in D1 college softball, two of which she'd spent playing for Cal State Northridge and the remaining two for BYU. Her veins pulsed with the competitive spirit. Meanwhile, Clayton had his share of athletic adventure with a stint in semi-professional soccer, before discovering his true passion - pickleball.

This unexpected question about pickleball stirred our curiosity. Soon after, we found ourselves ordering a starter pickleball set from Amazon and marking out boundaries with painter's tape in the church gym.

For a few months, we banged the ball around in that church gym, oblivious to the actual rules of the game. We focused on singles, oblivious to the fun that doubles pickleball held in store.

However, after two months, Covid restrictions forced the doors of the church gym to close on us. It seemed our fledgling pickleball journey had reached an abrupt end. That is, until our family relocated to Provo, UT in June 2021. This place would become the proud home of the Boydston Pickleball Academy.

Upon moving, we were greeted by a vibrant and welcoming community of pickleball enthusiasts. It was a gift that brought immeasurable joy to our family. Almost overnight, we morphed into pickleball aficionados. Liz, Clayton, and Ella swiftly climbed the local ranks, escalating to a 5.0 rating and gracing Pro Tournaments with their presence.

Yet, the allure of pickleball wasn't simply the intoxicating rush of competition. The sport served as a bonding agent, bringing our family closer. It provided us with a shared interest, a game where we could step onto the court as a family and relish quality time together. It's this shared passion that weaves us closer day by day.

Here at Boydston Pickleball Academy, our mission is to meet everyone at their current skill level. Whether you're a novice, just dipping your toes into the game, we're committed to helping you master the basics and build a strong foundation to grow and improve. If you're at an intermediate or advanced level, we'll guide you through the intricate aspects of the sport, aiding you in leveling up. Our aim? To help you harness your potential, one swing at a time.

meet The Boydston Pickleball Academy Coaches

The Boydston Academy Pickleball Academy was founded by PPR Certified coach and 5.0 rated player, Liz Boydston and her son, CRBN Sponsored and 5.0 rated player, Clayton Boydston. 

Clayton Boydston Teaching A Pickleball Lesson at Boydston Pickleball Academy

Clayton Boydston

Academy Coach

boydston pickleball academy story

Liz Boydston

Academy Coach